Our first x/0, Post Mortem, is nearly finished, if only a little late. As is quite often the way of things, we learned quite a bit about the process and what will be required so that next time things should go smoother.

Currently, everything is formatted and prepped, and if I may say so, it’s looking fantastic. Take a look at the covert art (by Digital Dreaming) and judge for yourself:

I can’t wait for everyone to read the great stories we gathered for this first edition. We have a few minor details that crept up in our final edit, but those are easily addressed, and then it’s off to the presses!

We will keep you updated as we know more about when and where this first x/0 will be available.

Until then, keep writing! And keep an eye on the site. We’ve narrowed down the theme for x/0:2, and should be making an announcement about that in the coming days. Spread the word!